Карту aim ak colt2 cz: клип про новую ладу

Карту aim ak colt2 cz

Apr 2, 2011 Game: Counter-Strike: Condition Zero; Map type: aim (combat/skill); Size: 30.25 KB; Slots: not specified; Author: not specified; Date uploaded. Мониторинг игровых серверов - Counter-Strike 1.6, Half-Life, Half-Life 2: Death Match, Team Fortress 2, Quake. De_2minaret de_2x2dust de_747 de_aa de_airstrip de_airstrip_cz de_ak47 de_ancient de_aqua_world de_arena de_awp de_aztec de_aztec2 de_aztec3 de_aztec15 de_aztec_cz.

Ak-47_map_csgo: A Combat/Skill Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Map submitted by ChiKiii. Aim_ak-colt_bender: A Combat/Skill Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CS:CZ) Map submitted by BenderWAKA. Another old favorite Jul 7, 2007 Game: Counter-Strike: 1.6; Map type: aim (combat/skill); Size: 36.33 KB; Slots: not specified; Author: not specified; Date uploaded: 07 July 2007. 3d_aim_train_a · aimtrain · aim_2mansion · aim_ak-colt · aim_ak-colt-deluxe · aim_ak-colt2 · aim_ak-colt_pool · aim_ak-m4 · aim_akcolt · aim_assault · aim_awp. Jul 11, 2015 Steam Workshop: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. That map will help you to warmup. The commands are already preset. View Map's Details & Download AIM_AK-COLT2 - Counter-Strike Custom.

Aim cz ak colt2 карту

Карту aim ak colt2 cz
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